Saturday, September 11, 2010

Classes - Workshops - New Art Available Online - Just saying Hello!

Hello to All,

We are nearly back in season and I look forward to starting up our workshops and classes. Here is the brief update from summer... Tuscany was terrific and we found the perfect location for our workshop next year. We will have a wonderful trip.. this workshop is currently full and we'll keep everyone posted.
Other news: Excited about new artwork available for purchase directly online.. click on link.. =]

Photo: May 2010 -Tuscany..the wine and olive oil made on the premises...our destination point..!
Classes & Workshops:
Florida Adult Painting Classes begin Wed.  Oct. 6th, 2010, 1-4pm at Alizarin Crimson Studio, Stuart, FL.
Mini -Workshops every 3rd Wed & Thur from 6 - 9 pm.. This includes Decorative Faux, Impasto Painting and much more.. visit the website:

That is the quick update.
If you have any art related questions feel free to contact my gallery online at:

Many regards,